Suicidal thoughts are a result of stress and depression, stress and depression are a result of the lack of will to overcome the anxiety on your mind.


    A big world, over 4 million people are living on the planet earth. All the 4 million are of different age groups (though a vast part of it is still stuck in villages and with below poverty situations.) kids, teenagers, adults, elder adults, old people; all are different …and very darn person has unique life from another on this planet.

  2. Top 10 Best Professional Motivational Speakers
    Motivation! Every human being goes through ups and downs, problems vary from human to human, simply because it has arrived from their experience with life. None of us’s life was made easy and happy, full of ups because had it been that way, we would’ve never made ourselves a great fighter and would’ve never known about the solution if there wasn’t a problem in the first place. All of the problems that landed us nowhere near our destination but definitely put us through immeasurable pain and sufferings, has molded and beautified us in the ways we couldn’t have planned for us.
    A human life goes this way because if there weren’t goods and downs we would’ve never known about the sinless young morning followed after the daunting stormy night.
    Every obstacle coming in our path is vital because this is the only way to become brave overcome our insecurities and test our limits till we are immune with them, all of this makes us a strong powerful human being.

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