What are the craziest startup ideas you have seen people execute successfully?

What are the craziest startup ideas you have seen people execute successfully?

  1. What are the craziest startup ideas you have seen people execute successfully?
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    Top 3 craziest but successful startup ideas are:

    Resources to read more:

    Reseach on 500+ software startups
    The entrepreneurs making money out of thin air
    The people selling canned air to China
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    Uraj Singh (????? ????)
    Uraj Singh (????? ????), Engineer at Qualcomm (2016-present)
    Answered Jul 25, 2017
    Entrepreneurs making money out of thin air

    Somewhere between 5.5 million and seven million people die from breathing in the smoke, harmful gases and soot being pumped into the atmosphere. In China and India, the toll of this toxic air is particularly alarming, causing three million deaths in those two countries alone.

    It all started with a joke to sell fresh air to polluted places but turned out to be big success.One company Vitality, based in Edmonton, Alberta, started collecting air from the Canadian Rockies and compresses it into containers.A single eight-litre bottle of compressed Canadian air – which comes with a specially designed spray cap and mask – holds around 160 breaths and costs C$32 ($24) per bottle.

    Chief executive Moses Lam started the business to sell the canned air as joke gifts, but demand for the product took off in a surprising way. He now sells 10,000 bottles a month in China and hopes to grow that number to 40,000. They have just started operating in India, where they hope to sell 10,000 bottles a month.

    “Our air is simply an experience that many within China and India will not get to experience,” says Lam. “Being an Indian it sucks, but who else to blame”.

    So if you need some puffs order now.

    The clean mountain air from Lake Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains can seem attractive to those living in polluted cities. (Credit: Getty Images)

    PS:- We have already messed up nature in lot of ways don’t screw it further !


    The entrepreneurs making money out of thin air
    We talked to the Albertans selling bottled air to China — and despite all indications to the contrary, it’s not a hoax
    The people selling canned air to China
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  2. What are the craziest startup ideas you have seen people execute successfully?
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    Answer Wiki
    Top 3 craziest but successful startup ideas are:

    Resources to read more:

    Reseach on 500+ software startups
    The entrepreneurs making money out of thin air
    The people selling canned air to China
    55 Answers
    Uraj Singh (????? ????)
    Uraj Singh (????? ????), Engineer at Qualcomm (2016-present)
    Answered Jul 25, 2017 · Author has 52 answers and 68.4k answer views
    Entrepreneurs making money out of thin air

    Somewhere between 5.5 million and seven million people die from breathing in the smoke, harmful gases and soot being pumped into the atmosphere. In China and India, the toll of this toxic air is particularly alarming, causing three million deaths in those two countries alone.

    It all started with a joke to sell fresh air to polluted places but turned out to be big success.One company Vitality, based in Edmonton, Alberta, started collecting air from the Canadian Rockies and compresses it into containers.A single eight-litre bottle of compressed Canadian air – which comes with a specially designed spray cap and mask – holds around 160 breaths and costs C$32 ($24) per bottle.

    Chief executive Moses Lam started the business to sell the canned air as joke gifts, but demand for the product took off in a surprising way. He now sells 10,000 bottles a month in China and hopes to grow that number to 40,000. They have just started operating in India, where they hope to sell 10,000 bottles a month.

    “Our air is simply an experience that many within China and India will not get to experience,” says Lam. “Being an Indian it sucks, but who else to blame”.

    So if you need some puffs order now.

    The clean mountain air from Lake Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains can seem attractive to those living in polluted cities. (Credit: Getty Images)

    PS:- We have already messed up nature in lot of ways don’t screw it further !


    The entrepreneurs making money out of thin air
    We talked to the Albertans selling bottled air to China — and despite all indications to the contrary, it’s not a hoax
    The people selling canned air to China
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    Tsuk János
    Tsuk János, Worked in a dozen countries of Europe, North and South America
    Answered Jul 31, 2017 · Author has 447 answers and 1.2m answer views
    Selling new large mainframe- computers by advertising second-hand ones. 

    This was in the 70’s, when I met Jean Louis Bouchard, the owner of what is called now Econocom. He had been a legend amongst IBM salesmen, having met his annual sales quota before the end of February. Then he started his own business, competing with his IBM collegues. He is now one of the very wealthy people of Europe.

    Bouchard noticed that computer divisions hesitated in placing orders because almost every year a new more powerful model was being offered and they wanted to feel free to change. So he decided to go in business offering exactly the same terms as IBM did (length of rental period, monthly cost etc.) Since he was buying his units from IBM, he could make 0 % profit on the conditions the largest customers could obtain directly from the manufacturer. Still banks, car makers, oil companies were placing orders with his firm, because he accepted a committment that at the end of the contractual rental period he would re-purchase the used units at a downward sliding price.

    His gamble was that computer divisions were mistaken about the speed with which they could convert their programs to the ever more modern computer models : in actual fact they had to keep paying the rental price for several years longer then what they had foreseen. That’s where his profit was coming from. It soon amounted to such a vast sum that his bankers insisted in buying into his business and later in buying him out.

    He proceeded in creating a market for the second hand older models of computers by offering financing to smaller firms, again by insisting that he could always repossess and re-sell the units, if the new owners had trouble paying the rent.

    Once he had a bank as shareholder, he could get extremely advantageous credit terms for his own firm : he could claim that he represented no more risk than his bank-partner.

    Once he had sold out his main business in France (a firm called ECS owned at the time by Société Générale) he moved to Belgium and created Econocom using the same sales gimmick all over Europe. It’ still exists and is now in the business of helping computer divisions to convert their programs to cloud computing .

    Nowadays he mainly keeps busy breeding race horses.

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    Abhimanyu Garud
    Abhimanyu Garud, Startup enthusiast
    Answered Aug 6, 2017
    There is a saying “so crazy it just might work.” Truth is: for many startup ideas, this is absolutely the case.

    Image: Path of an entrepreneur (Img source:

    We all know the high-flyer success stories of Facebook, Google or Uber. But there are more! Get inspired by the 4 craziest digital startup ideas that became surprisingly successful!

    Crazy but successful digital startup ideas #1: The Million Dollar Home Page

    Let’s start with an oldie but a goodie. Alex Tew, a British student found himself broke in 2005. In hope to make some money he turned towards the internet and set up a homepage with 1 million totally blank pixels – the Million Dollar Homepage. The business model behind it: he was selling website ads per 10 pixels, charging $1 per pixel. If you now think, one pixel is nearly nothing – so one visible ad must have cost big-time, you are absolutely right. But people bought it and made Tew a millionaire. His education was financially secured after this success.

    Crazy but successful digital startup ideas #2: PayPal

    PayPal can be seen as the mother of all FinTech companies. It is so big today and has been for so long a part of our lives that one can easily forget they started very small about 22 years ago. PayPal made its way from an unknown money transfer service at Confinity in 1999 to an eBay payment method in 2002 and finally to today’s most used online payment system! In times when people were very suspicious of online banking or of submitting their credit card data online, PayPal came up with a brave offer: it asked users to use their email addresses and connect a virtual account to their real bank account to pay online. The reward: since 2015 PayPal is an independent company with a current revenue of $12.50 billion.

    Crazy but successful digital startup ideas #3: Snapchat

    Think of a photo sharing application on which photos disappear within seconds. When Evan Spiegel explained the idea behind Snapchat in a product design class of Stanford University in 2011, people thought it would never work. We can’t hold it against them, as it might be the one social media platform some people still don’t get today – even after using Facebook and Twitter has become like breathing for most. But nevertheless, Snapchat had an IPO earlier this year, leaving Spiegel a rich man!

    Crazy but successful digital startup ideas #4: Airbnb

    The origin of Aibnb is famous: Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia struggled to pay their rent and so they decided to rent three air mattresses on the floor of their apartment to strangers. That was 2007. Almost 10 years later they own a $10 billion worth company and probably will never have problems paying their rent again. But it’s been a rocky road: they were rejected by the famous VC Fred Wilson and considered an “okay business” by Paul Graham at Y-Combinator. It was not before Barry Manilow rented an entire house when investors started knocking on their door. Happy End!

    Image source:

    Bottom line: most truly innovative ideas that bring great changes are considered crazy at first. But if you believe in your idea and keep on pushing your business, you might find yourself the new Zuckerberg, Jobs or Camp and Kalanick.

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    Ankush Gautam
    Ankush Gautam, works at Students
    Updated Jan 25, 2018
    We all know it

    It’s fidget spinner yeah, realy it is, Ok now look at it.

    Now what do you think, how hard it will be create a one. Let me tell you its mechanic behind:-

    It just consists a bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat structure made from metal or plastic designed to spin along with little effort.

    That’s it.

    Person who invented “Well played”
    It’s just a game of a bearing, nothing else. and, wait people says “The toy has been advertised as helping people who have trouble with focusing or fidgeting by relieving nervous energy or psychological stress”


    Have a look.

    Source :- google

    Ok, now tell how does it relief your stress. Srry Not in my case. It’s making me more head-ache nd, pissed off.

    Because it has huge market now they have made many categories also:-

    Some with radium:-

    Some random designs :-


    Some are inspired:-

    Yeah it’s a spinner:-

    They all have only difference is their Designs, Nothing else .

    But after they start spinning , they all looks like This:-

    And, it makes us Relief.

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    Ali Khoja
    Ali Khoja, studied at University of Kent
    Answered Aug 10, 2017
    Million Dollar Home page

    Alex Tew, a British student found himself broke in 2005. In hope to make some money he turned towards the internet and set up a homepage with 1 million totally blank pixels – the Million Dollar Homepage. The business model behind it: he was selling website ads per 10 pixels, charging $1 per pixel. If you now think, one pixel is nearly nothing – so one visible ad must have cost big-time, you are absolutely right. But people bought it and made him a millionaire.

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    Neel Gehlot
    Neel Gehlot, IT Intern at Legrand, North America
    Answered Aug 3, 2017
    “Potato Parcel”

    Yes, that’s the name of the company. It is one of the most craziest successful startups that I have ever heard of. Potato Parcel is a company founded by a mobile app developer in Dallas, TX. What it does can be inferred from the name itself.

    Yes, it parcels the potatoes to anyone accross the United States with a personalised message limited to 140 characters or a picture. A normal text message potato cost $9.99 and the one with a picture cost about $14.99. It may seems like a very low revenue startup but according to the reports, in the month of Feb 2016 it generated revenue of about $25,000 and since then it’s increasing. The company also got funding from The Shark Tank to upgrade their infrastructure. The best part is they have profit margin of about 70%-80%.

    Potato Parcel – Send A Message to Anyone…On a Potato!

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    Dev Parashar
    Dev Parashar, Marketing Consultant (2017-present)
    Answered Dec 20, 2017 · Author has 343 answers and 246.3k answer views
    Ever heard of the app “Yo” ?

    No? Ok, sit back coz this is as “crazy” a it gets.

    Yo[1] is an app that lets user send the word “YO” to friends. Aaand ..thats it.

    Yep. It’s true.

    Yo[2] is a one-tap notification app that sends a one-word message -“Yo” – to other users. The app was created in the summer of 2014 when the founder, Or Abel, was asked by his then boss Moshe Hogeg, to develop an app for him that would have just one big button that could send a push notification to his assistant.

    “The idea was that when the assistant got the push notification, she’d know he needed her”.

    The app only took about 8 hours of coding to get it off the ground and on the app store.

    When the app was released, it was dubbed as the “stupidest idea ever” by tech blogs all around the world and quickly gained popularity.

    Guess what happened next? The app got downloaded by millions of users in a matter of weeks and It became the first app featured on the famous product discovery site, Product Hunt.

    In mid-June of 2014, Yo became the #1 social networking app in the US App Store and the #4 app overall. Shortly after,

    Yo closed a $1.5 million round of financing that valued the app at $5-10 million.

    Talk about crazy, eh?

    This is one of the craziest idea I have seen being executed “successfully” .


    [1] Yo – It’s that simple

    [2] What’s Happened To ~$7 Million App ‘Yo’ Now That The Hype Has Died

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    Harsimran Singh
    Harsimran Singh, Entreprenurship is all about strategy,marketing,advertising and measurement.
    Answered Oct 19, 2016 · Author has 152 answers and 106.6k answer views
    Investment 10–20k

    Profit 40–50k

    Earn with the Most Important Meal of the day
    Breakfast is one of the most important starter of the day and in metro cities many people does not have time to prepare their morning breakfast. So you can tap this opportunity as business and start your own breakfast point in a good locality where you can find a number of working class people specially bachelors and you can make good profit. You can do this as a part time business also.Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, according to Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. nutritionist for the Mayo Clinic. It’s also the meal many families neglect due to lack of time, lack of cooking creativity or disinterest. Starting a breakfast business allows you to provide busy commuters a chance to grab a satisfying breakfast to eat on the way to work or at their desk. Offer breakfasts to families, a delivery service or through other businesses. There are a few steps involved to start this business properly-
    Step 1- Obtain the requisite licensing and registrations. Preparing food for sale requires a food handler’s license and inspection of the premises where the food is prepared. Additional licensing includes a business license and sales privilege license from both the state and city. Also required is a federal employer identification number if you plan on setting up your business as a corporation. The Small Business Development Center near you can assist with the specific licensing requirements.
    Step 2-Determine where you will sell your breakfasts. A home delivery option is one alternative. Prepare and deliver frozen breakfast entrees on a weekly basis ready for the customer to pop in their microwave oven. Another option is to deliver pre-ordered breakfasts to office workers. Customers decide what they want the day before, call in the order and find it delivered shortly after they arrive at work. Consider working with motels that don’t have onsite dining facilities. You, or your employee, sets up a breakfast buffet to greet guests each morning.
    Step 3-Develop a menu. Breakfast is a lower-cost meal to prepare when compared with dinner. That’s an advantage for a business. Choose items that are familiar and popular but with a twist to differentiate your menu from the franchised breakfast chains. You might emphasize homemade breads, muffins and granola, offer vegetarian options or unusual and tasty varieties of ready-to-heat omelets.
    Step 4-Work out pricing. Consider how much the ingredients cost, preparation and delivery time and a profit margin. Compare your prices to those of a fast food restaurant and a mid-priced restaurant. You may make the most scrumptious peanut butter whole grain muffins in the county, but if they’re priced too high they won’t sell. Pricing your items too low cuts into your profit margin, which means you may not make enough money to compensate your for all the hours you are devoting to the business.
    Step 5-Research vendors. The corner grocery store may be fine for your perishables, such as eggs, fruits and vegetables. However, a wholesaler or major discount store will give a better price on foodstuffs, such as flour, dried milk and sugar. Keep in mind you will also need food packaging containers.
    Step 6- Obtain necessary equipment. If you have to bake six dozen rolls as well as prepare three dozen omelets each day your home stove and oven might not be adequate. Restaurant size and quality cookware will save time. Look at secondhand equipment if the budget is tight.
    Step 7- Get the word out. Create a website that shows menu choices and pictures of the delicious items you serve. See if the local newspaper will publish a story about your breakfast business — think of what makes it fun and newsworthy before you contact the editor. Tell friends, neighbors or people you have worked with about your venture to get word-of-mouth marketing started. Send fliers to local businesses.

    For more you can subscribe to my youtube channel- harsimran2k

    Here is link to my last video


    There i upload business related video strategies , content materials , advertisement and a lot more which will help your business to grow in less time than others.

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    Dmitri Koteshov
    Dmitri Koteshov, studied Language at Minsk State Linguistic University
    Answered Jul 24, 2017 · Author has 685 answers and 1m answer views
    I like the idea of this startup:

    It is called Potato Parcel

    In May 2015, Alex Craig launched Potato Parcel, a website that ships an inscribed potato to your friends (or basically to anyone). Yes, you got it right: a personal message on an ordinary potato. Like the official motto says: “Send a message.. with a potato!” The 24-year-old business genius has averaged $10,000 per month in sales since the website’s launch. He has sold more than 3,000 spuds in just four months.

    The average cost is $10-$15 per potato, and the working process is simple: Alex just buys batches of potatoes, makes a writing, and sends them to the address requested by his client.

    P.S. Interested in weird but successful business ideas? Check out Top 5 Weirdest Business Ideas Turned To Be Successful

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    Vaibhav K
    Vaibhav K, Founder at (2016-present)
    Answered Aug 7, 2017
    Before starting with DealOkart we were scouting for ideas to make passive income with our fulltime jobs. During that process we came across the following options and we found them to be bizarre at first but later quite interesting as well. DealOkart was the result of one such idea. These aren’t the craziest in present day, but maybe a few years ago these would have been really whacky.

    Influencer profiles on Instagram, Pinterest etc: Create an account on these sites and add interesting content on a regular basis. Increase your follower base (tens of thousands) who loyally follow your posts. Suddenly you can expect companies to approach you and pay you handsomely to market their products.
    Youtube videos: Online courses and other instructional videos have risen dramatically over the years. If you can offer great content then users will flock to watch your videos. Google seizes this opportunity to advertise products. The money that they make from those advertisements, they share it with you as well. Many youtubers have become millionaires with this concept.
    Then there is the Potato Parcel – Send A Message to Anyone…On a Potato! Need i say more?

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    Shreyas Panhalkar
    Shreyas Panhalkar, Worked for 3+ years with an Ad-tech startup
    Answered Nov 16, 2017 · Author has 101 answers and 643.7k answer views
    The year was 2008. During a Y-Combinator interview, Paul Graham dismissed the idea put forth by 3 co-founders entirely and exclaimed, “People are actually doing this? Why? What’s wrong with them?”.

    Earlier that year, those 3 people (let’s call them A, B, and C) ran out of money. Their original startup idea wasn’t running well and they were going into debt. They decided to ship free boxes of cereal – Obama O’s and Cap’n McCain’s to their clients. By that time, A and B both had accumulated $ 20k credit card debt. They somehow managed to print 500 boxes of each for free and decided to pivot. They re-branded the boxes as collectors’ edition and decided to sell each for $40. After roaming through San Francisco’s supermarkets, they loaded their shopping cart with 1000 boxes of cheapest cereal ($1 each) and brought them home. They got to work – folding the boxes and sealing them with a hot-glue gun. A burned his hands and thought to himself that he couldn’t remember Mark Zuckerberg hot-gluing anything or burn­ing his hands assembling cereal boxes to launch Facebook. After a great hustle, Obama O’s sold out in three days and they both made somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000 selling cereal – much larger than that they earned from the original idea. [1]

    A and B paid off their debt while C moved back to Boston and got engaged. Even after paying debt they still were struggling, living off dry cereal. Even milk was too expensive for the money they had. One night in November 2008, they were having dinner with their adviser – Michael Seibel. He urged them to try Y-Combinator by saying “Look at you! You guys are dying.” Even though the application deadline had passed, he managed to convince Paul Graham to consider the application. They applied, got an interview and convinced C to come to SF. Y-Combinator’s applica­tion process was brutal; no presentations allowed and interviews were just ten minutes flat, consisting of Paul Graham and his partners asking rapid-fire questions. After spending many hours prepping, founders were ready to leave.

    And Paul Graham’s reaction after listening to their idea was “People are actually doing this? Why? What’s wrong with them?”. After Graham’s dismissal, founders started to pack their stuff and leave. B walked over to Graham and handed him a box of cereal which he had sneaked into his bag. Founders told Graham the story behind the cereal boxes and how they funded their startup by selling these boxes. Founders were told to expect a call from Paul Graham if they were selected. On their way back, A received a call from Graham. As he eagerly started to listen, the call dropped. They were on a stretch of I-280 between Silicon Valley and San Francisco where it was well known that there was no cell signal. They frantically drove back to SF. Graham called again, got through and offered them a spot. They accepted as they totally were out of options. They received $20,000 in seed funding that came with admission in the program, in return for 6% stake in the company. C relocated to SF and they all were back at it again. They were given another chance.[2]

    The reason Paul Graham was intrigued because of cereal boxes they sold. “If you can convince people to pay forty dollars for a four-dollar box of cereal, you can probably convince people to sleep in other people’s airbeds,” he said. “Maybe you can do it.”

    Those 3 founders were none other than Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk. They convinced people to buy $4 cereal box for $40 and later convinced them to rent out their apartment to strangers. Fast forward to 2017, Airbnb is projecting that it will earn as much as $3.5 billion a year by 2020. [3]


    [1] Hope in every bowl!

    [2] Airbnb’s Surprising Path to Y Combinator

    [3] Here’s How Much Airbnb’s Management Believes the Company’s Profit Will Grow

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    Seann Skreen
    Seann Skreen, Amazon FBA Seller
    Answered Jan 1, 2018 · Author has 98 answers and 70.8k answer views
    Great question! The best business model online I know right now is by far Amazon FBA. And this will continue to be true through 2018 and at least another few years. I’ve tried a lot of things online (including cash apps and surveys) and I can confidently say that Amazon is your best shot at creating passive income in 2018. You can simply buy a product in bulk for very cheap and sell them for 40% profit margins online without having to touch or see your product! It would be too long for me to explain everything in a post.

    Get a job for minimal cash flow
    Use that saved up money to invest in your own business
    Pick a road
    Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. So many people think you have to invent your own idea.

    There are plenty of viable options you can use to create passive income online, right now. You have many different choices, but my personal favorite is affiliate marketing and selling products on Amazon. I maybe spend…3 hours total a week. It’s almost 100% automated, except the fact that I am obsessed with tweaking my product page haha. I am going to give you pretty decent advice. Becoming a millionaire is so much harder if you’re doing it by working a 9-5 job. Think LONG-TERM. Having a job is a great way to start making some cash flow, but you should use it to actually start a business. A job isn’t scalable. You only have 24 hours in a day. You have a limit or a cap on how much you can make with a regular 9-5 job. Having access to the internet is all you need, you can see that attention is now the new way to becoming successful. The more exposure your brand gets (whether that is from posts, social media, websites, etc) the more opportunities you have to monetize off your traffic. When you have a lot of people’s attention, and you create a product, you’re likely to make a sale. This is scalable. Anything you put out on the internet compounds, continually getting more and more traffic that gives you a chance to make a sale.

    With that being said it’s pretty hard to get traffic quickly, but you’ve heard of Amazon FBA you can sell products on their website and basically steal their traffic for your own benefit. This is my main source of income, it’s completely online, I get a lot of questions like “do the products go to my house?” no, you never see them. and for the amount of effort I put in, I mean it’s pretty easy honestly, I hate to say that though. Nothing gets rich quick, it does require work) but in terms of every way to make money online, this is probably the fastest and most scalable way to generate full-time income in my opinion. Basically what I do is source products from China in bulk (DIRT CHEAP) let’s say I buy 200 units for the price of $2.50, and I send it to Amazon’s fulfillment centers and I list those products for $15, I make a $12.50 Profit Per Unit I sell. I have a lot of days where I make $150 a day, I sometimes wake up in the morning with 50$ profit, etc. I’ve searched a lot of different ways of making money online, (cash apps and surveys included). Affiliate Marketing works, but like I said before, you need traffic and that’s tough to get for an average person.

    My advice is that you use some sort of marketing (Facebook Ads, PPC, Instagram stories, etc) to keep your sales growing and healthy. Also there is a free extension called “Keywords Everywhere” and it gives you the exact amount of search volume certain keywords have so I definitely recommend you check that out on Chrome Web Store it’s pretty accurate. In order to win you need to stand out with your product: so pick a color and or new feature by contacting your supplier and modifying something to your product so you aren’t selling the exact same product everyone else is. This will easily help you make more impressions and sales just with that alone. Slapping your own powerful logo on your product (Tip: Don’t worry, it’s extremely easy to do this, you can outsource a logo for like $5 on Fiverr) is going to make you look like a very professional and credible seller giving you access to 1000’s of sales in a month. Amazon isn’t a gimmick, get started now and don’t wait! I have a complete guide for beginners explaining everything simply and giving my personal tips for you to grow your own business. You can rank your product on page 1 pretty easy and doing so will make your product viewed by hundreds of thousands of purchase ready customers. I strongly recommend if you’re picking a product on Amazon to sell that you make sure it has steady search volume and has actual demand. You can’t sell any product if no one is searching for it (No demand). (TIP: you can use google keyword planner / trends to see products that are trending.) Amazon isn’t a gimmick, get started now and don’t wait! It’s not saturated despite what people say. This takes work, so if you’re willing to work at this then this will replace full time income. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I am a wealth of information on this topic. Anyone who isn’t jumping on this opportunity is losing out. You need to get started as soon as possible.

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    Dmytro Brovkin
    Dmytro Brovkin, CEO
    Answered Oct 13, 2017 · Author has 76 answers and 37.9k answer views

    Uber has transformed the world. Indeed, its inconceivable to think of a world without the convenience of the innovative ride share service. Born in part from a job market which constantly deregulating, Uber has emerged triumphant, operating in over 58 countries and its valued at roughly $66 billion. They’ve established branches in over 581 cities in over 82 countries with the United States, Brazil, China, Mexico, India are Uber’s as they active countries.

    If that wasn’t impressive enough, in 2016 the company completed a total of? 2 billion rides ?in one week. When you consider the fact that the first billion rides took Uber 6 years, but the second billion was garnered in a mere 6 months, it’s not surprising to see Uber emerge as a global business leader. This worldwide phenomenon is built on a simple idea, seductive it its premise: the ability to hail a car with nothing but your smartphone.

    It took the problem of hailing at taxi and gave it a equitable solution for all, solving the eternal chicken-or-egg problem, further capitalizing on the emerging market. And smart people are asking the right question: how do I build an app like Uber for my business needs?

    Humble Beginnings

    It all started in 2008, with the founders of Uber discussing the future of tech at a conference. By 2010, Uber officially launched in San Francisco. In 6 months, they had 6,000 users and provided roughly 20,000 rides. What was the key to their success? For one, Uber’s founders focused on attracting both drivers and riders simultaneously. San Francisco?was, acting as the heart of the tech community in the US, was thus the perfect sounding board for this form of technological innovation to thrive.

    In the beginning, Uber spread their app through word of mouth, hosting and sponsoring tech events, and giving participants of their events free rides with their app. This form of go to marketing persists today; giving 50% discounts to new riders for the first Uber ride. This initial discount incentives users to become long term riders, and the rest was history, as more and more people took to social media to tell the world about this innovative new app—and the sheer brilliance of their marketing strategy paid off.

    Full version can be found here:

    How Uber was made

    3.9k Views · View Upvoters
    Kaushik Athreya
    Kaushik Athreya, Commerce student, rationalist.
    Answered Oct 11, 2017

    Sharing your room with a complete stranger would have sounded creepy ten years back, but now it’s common in most of the metropolitan cities around the world.

    Founded in the year 2006 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk has now been valued at $3 billion and has entered into profit making and is expecting to earn $3 billion every year by 2020.

    The idea for the startup came to Joe Gebbia’s mind when he was residing alone in his rented apartment and the landlord had suddenly increased the rent. Joe Gebbia bought few beds and started renting out his place for people to stay.

    It is now active in 34000 cities in more than 185 countries and has more than 1 million listings on it’s website.

    7k Views · View Upvoters
    Luke Crocker
    Luke Crocker, Owner and Facilitator at Shibari Dojo (2012-present)
    Updated Oct 17, 2017
    Don’t know about successful, but now officially five years running:

    In 2012 I was going through a divorce, lost my job, and was kicked out of my home all in the same few weeks; not surprisingly I was destined for therapy…

    However, between recently seeing a TED presentation[1] of the psychological state of “flow”[2] and having just been introduced into this strange Japanese art called Shibari or kinbaku (Japanese rope bondage), I decided to see if I could bring the two together, I needed a distraction anyways.

    And it certainly worked, Shibari balecame an artistic outlet to process the depression that I was struggling with, and forced me to be social, and before long folks were asking me for lessons. It started for free, then people started donating, and finally I started a home studio with weekly classes.

    Now I maintain several classes a week, monthly workshops, have a stock of product, working on two books on the subject and an online educational course, and have performed and taught right across Canada including some rather big events like the Morpheus Bondage Extravaganza[3] , La Nuit des Cordes[4] , Monde Ose[5] , and more!

    I can’t say that it is lucrative, but it’s certainly a pretty strange profession that manifested from misery and inturn gave me a purpose and place in life!

    Shibari Dojo[6] has been alive for five years now!


    [1] Flow, the secret to happiness

    [2] Flow (psychology) – Wikipedia

    [3] http://mbeworldwide


    [5] Sexy Entertainment – Themed Events – Monde Osé

    [6] Shibari Dojo

    10.6k Views · View Upvoters
    Nicholas Chow
    Nicholas Chow, Trying to start a company
    Answered Oct 19, 2016
    An app for sending images that get deleted forever after a maximum timeframe of 10 seconds. An app initially designed to function as a sexting application among raunchy millennials in college dorms, Snapchat has transcended social media for the foreseeable future.

    From partnering with content partners to launching Spectacles and rebranding itself as Snap Inc, Evan Spiegel has really ran with the unconventional idea and successfully created a company that was just recently valued at almost $18 billion.

    The app is just crazy simple to use, and nobody expected it to grow to the stage it is in at the moment, but the impossible chooses to work its magic here and show us how some simple and unconventional ideas can be executed well.

    88.2k Views · View Upvoters
    Neeraj Kumar Garg
    Neeraj Kumar Garg, studied at University of Canberra
    Answered Oct 22, 2016 · Author has 69 answers and 55.8k answer views

    No screen. No battery. No phone. That’s right, I’ll repeat it again. No screen. No battery.
    No phone. Yes, its a fake phone.

    These fake phone for people who are addicted to real phones so they can sense real people and world again.

    The NoPhone is specifically designed without a battery, screen or phone. You’ll simply adore never having to frantically look for a place to charge your phone or carrying the emotional burden of a cracked screen.

    I could not find numbers to prove its successful but its the craziest idea I’ve seen so far. If you’re interested in buying, see the following link

    The Official NoPhone Store

    6.5k Views · View Upvoters · Answer requested by Rahul Ghosh
    Tiger Joe Sallmen
    Tiger Joe Sallmen, MSc University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto (1993)
    Answered Aug 3, 2017 · Author has 65 answers and 12.7k answer views
    I have to confess, Cryptocurrencies seem to be the latest ‘hot’ fad. I mean you can get pretty rich by creating money out of thin air, backed up by the power of the Internet, and convince people these bits have enormous value. A Bitcoin is now worth more than 2 oz of gold. And the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is now over 100 Billions.

    But… it’s not “money”. I mean, Money is something created by governments that are supposed to represent the PEOPLE. It’s a collective contract. Cryptocurrencies are not that. They are created by anarchists who convince people like us they have value, while controlling the lion’s share of the issue. That’s not how money is supposed to work.

    Besides, what’s stopping the governments from creating their own blockchains if they really want their economies to run on cryptocurrency.

    It’s certainly a Wild-West scenario, one that has made some people insanely rich for doing virtually nothing but speculation. Good for them – as long as they cash out to ensure an early retirement. I sure didn’t see this coming.

    1k Views · View Upvoters
    Allen Miller
    Allen Miller, Venture Capital Investor at Matrix Partners
    Answered Oct 16, 2017
    It may seem obvious and straightforward now given their tremendous success, but Airbnb has to be on this list. 9 years ago the idea seemed pretty far fetched for a few reasons:

    Was the market really big enough to create an enduring company? At that point in time Airbnb was a marketplace for air mattresses on the floors of people’s apartments (a far cry from what it is today)
    Would people really be ok with complete strangers using their property? What about theft and property damage?
    Wasn’t this illegal? What would happen if landlords discovered their tenants were making money off of their properties?
    Fred Wilson tells the story of how USV made the mistake of passing on the company when it came out of YC and pitched them in 2009 for their seed round. It’s a great story and a reminder that sometimes the craziest ideas end up panning out.

    Airbnb – AVC

    7.7k Views · View Upvoters
    Nîkunjèsh Gupta
    Nîkunjèsh Gupta, lives in India
    Answered May 23, 2018 · Author has 128 answers and 480.7k answer views
    Zynga was started by Mark Pincus in 2007 . It is biggest application developer for Facebook . It develops games such as Farmville .

    The best part about it’s Business Model is that it sells Virtual goods such as virtual money , health etcetra on Freemium model .

    It’s crazy that they can sell virtual goods to people and make money from it .

    By this we can conclude the power of good execution .

    496 Views · View Upvoters
    Alex Lieberman
    Alex Lieberman, CEO at (2016-present)
    Answered Oct 11, 2017 · Author has 58 answers and 1.1m answer views

    Ever heard of it?

    It was actually insane in retrospect.

    The idea of a social network wasn’t novel.
    There was plenty of competition in the space already.
    SixDegrees (1997)
    Blogger (1999)
    Friendster (2002)
    Myspace (2003)
    It targeted a far smaller market at first than the competition above.
    Ivy-league students
    Now it’s 2017 and Mark is sitting on the Digital Throne with a company worth $498 billion.

    He’s gotten feel pretty good about turning down that $1 billion offer from Yahoo in 2006…

    For more great business content, check out Morning Brew, a free daily newsletter on all things business news.

    56.8k Views · View Upvoters
    Hannah Yang
    Hannah Yang, studied at Yale University (2018)
    Answered Jul 21, 2017 · Upvoted by Vladimir Novakovski, Silicon Valley CTO and Advisor and Alexandru Paduraru, co-founder at · Author has 144 answers and 8.6m answer views
    In the mid-1960s, a Yale economics professor asked his undergraduate students to submit papers proposing startup ideas. One student, named Fred Smith, wrote his paper on the possibility of an overnight delivery system with computerized records. His idea, if executed successfully, would revolutionize the transportation industry.

    Allegedly, the professor gave the student a C, and told him that in order to earn a higher grade, the idea had to actually be feasible.

    A few years later, Smith became the founder of FedEx.

    Almost all startup ideas sound crazy until they become successful. This story gets told every year in Yale’s entrepreneurship classes specifically to encourage our crazy-sounding ideas, in the hopes that they might someday be perceived differently.

    588.4k Views · View Upvoters
    Hitesh Ramtekkar
    Hitesh Ramtekkar, Manufacturing Engineer Trainee at Liugong India (2017-present)
    Answered Sep 14, 2017
    Do you heard of . Well if you are an indian and had been there at the time of demonitisation last year on nov 2016, you might have heard of

    The Delhi-based startup called Book My Chotu is providing paid, temporary helpers in hourly basis.

    During demonitisation, the people stand in the long atm queues to withdraw cash amount. Entreprenuers solved the problem by converting it into opportunity. The Book My Chotu | Hire Hourly Helpers was the solution.

    9.1k Views · View Upvoters
    Sajal Tiwari
    Sajal Tiwari, Founder at RAI : Research, Analysis and Innovation (2017-present)
    Answered Jan 29, 2018
    Thanks for considering me to answer this good question.

    I’ll try to provide some examples of crazy startup ideas which made a phenomenal success giving a right example that once you are firm, people will buy your product.

    Bark N Bound : It focuses on positive training for dogs, side-stepping the traditional method of cane-and-thrash.

    Oye Happy : This sweeps in to save day by providing some great gifting and surprising ideas – from Harley bike rides, candlelit dinners or even surprise pick-ups from the airport.

    How to tell your child : It works a life saver to parents of all ages when it comes to answering severely awkward questions pushed out to them by their young ones.

    488 Views · View Upvoters · Answer requested by Harish
    Ruben Das
    Ruben Das, Startup Enthusiast | Blunt Speaker
    Updated Aug 10, 2017
    Have You ever Thought that a Deaf and mute Guy could Be A Courier?

    That’s Exactly what a Social Startup did in the City of Mumbai. The Startup called Mirakle Couriers Hires only Deaf and Dumb to Deliver packages around the city. The Miracle is that they rarely deliver the wrong package. The startup started in 2010 is now quite a successful business venture Boasting of being one of the official delivery partners for Amazon India. I personally had once received a parcel via them when I purchased a product from Amazon India.

    It’s These kind of Startups that are truly making a difference in society. They are Looking at resources who we would never think of.

    20.3k Views · View Upvoters
    Tomer Amrani
    Tomer Amrani, Product Manager
    Answered Jul 29, 2017 · Author has 1.1k answers and 28.2m answer views
    Okay- let’s get random people to put their pad online and rent it out to complete strangers and hope they don’t break or steal anything.

    Even better, we’ll give it a really stupid name with a bunch of letters and syllables that aren’t fun to say.

    Let’s also remove the convenience of hotel housekeeping and put you on the hook for cleaning after yourself and keeping the place immaculate after your checkout.

    Oh yeah, let’s call it Airbnb. Really rolls off the tongue.

    16.2k Views · View Upvoters
    Jingcho Yang
    Jingcho Yang, Airbnb Senior Host Management Specialist for Bali
    Answered Jul 28, 2017 · Author has 305 answers and 589.5k answer views
    Early 2000s. The idea of inflating 3 airbeds in your living room. Then charging strangers to stay in your apartment. Then becoming a global business large enough to challenge the hotel industry. The Airbnb story is pretty amazing.

    1.8k Views · View Upvoters
    Lucky Upadhayay
    Lucky Upadhayay, 16 year-old | New Delhi | 95% in 10th Boards
    Answered Jun 6, 2018 · Author has 142 answers and 22.2k answer views

    I am entrepreneurship enthusiast, though only 16. I am from India [New Delhi] where AirBnb is not so famous. I came across this concept just a couple of months back after my exams. When I read about AirBnb on Quora itself, I thought “What!? they help people rent rooms in their home to strangers!? How TF is this business [idea] making sense? :0”

    Scrolling down a bit I read that not only it made sense but also $100 million in profits last year 😉

    Thanks 🙂 and hope you upvote.

    Miranda Cachondeo
    Miranda Cachondeo, Linguist and tech-enthusiast. Speaker of British English.
    Answered Aug 1, 2017
    A 16 year old British girl started a website to help Chinese parents choose an English name for their children and she made thousands of pounds from it!

    A 16-year-old British girl earns £48,000 helping Chinese people name their babies

    When I heard about that, I thought – if she can be successful with that crazy idea, then surely I can be successful with my start-up idea too!

    8.3k Views · View Upvoters
    Madhan Raj
    Madhan Raj, Growth Hacker & CRO consultant at (2015-present)
    Answered Jul 26, 2017 · Author has 147 answers and 138k answer views

    THe founder just used Buzzfeedstrategy to create the viral articles and just used many Facebook page and create a network to promote is articles which drives him millions of page views which leads to millions of Adsense revenue.

    Now he sold his website for hundred million dollars

    2.1k Views · View Upvoters
    Thies And Polasek Strategies™
    Thies And Polasek Strategies™, Co Founders at Thies And Polasek
    Answered Aug 9, 2017 · Author has 322 answers and 77.3k answer views
    There are a couple crazy companies that sell pretty successfully on Amazon a couple things I have seen work are: selling nothing, selling British air, and a pet rock. All highly profitable incredibly enough.

    -Cameron Thies

    Want to seriously enhance your social media marketing? Check out this FREE lesson! Free Premium Membership Sign Up

    Sandip Pal
    Sandip Pal
    Answered May 23, 2018
    One person who got retired from his government job was feeling bored and so he used to visit a nearby temple regularly. He met many people who were confused and tensed regarding some procedures required to complete formalities like filling PAN card form, filling income tax returns and so on. He started giving advice and help to them in that type of work initially for free.

    But later on he become famous for solving all kinds of problems related to government formalities. He start doing this work for money and presently, he is earning good money from this advising and consulting service by just sitting at home and using his experience.

    74 Views · View Upvoters
    Scott McGregor
    Scott McGregor, MS in Industrial Admin. Information Technology & Entrepreneurship, Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Busines…
    Answered Sep 9, 2017 · Author has 1k answers and 762.3k answer views
    Thanks for A2A.

    Individual people, who are not normally landlords, will rent out a room in their house to a complete stranger (airbnb).

    908 Views · Answer requested by Fabian Sancrogo
    Answered May 22, 2018
    One of the craziest that I can count together with the other ideas that other people shared here is: The Potato Salad. To come up with a crazy idea like this and to be able to raise over $55,000 on Kickstarter I can just say WOW. He even did a live demo on how to make a potato salad because he couldn’t do anything else except for the potato salad.

    I can only just ask myself? Why do these crazy ideas become successful?

    65 Views · View Upvoters
    James Gaan
    James Gaan, studied Chemical Engineering
    Answered Jul 31, 2017 · Author has 229 answers and 58.9k answer views
    Well it’s maybe not that crazy but it’s simplicity. In Egypt a guy started selling disposable tips for Shish smokers at about a dollar a piece and sold millions, making millions at the same time.

    A simple , yet well executed business idea and plan to meet just current demand, that eventually became actual demand. God one.

    2.2k Views · View Upvoters
    Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar, Marketing Head at Land Rover (2012-present)
    Answered Aug 13, 2017 · Author has 1.8k answers and 422.5k answer views
    Owning a franchise of a good company is the best small business these days. Expanding a business can be accomplished through opening additional company owned operations or through franchising. Franchising is far superior to opening additional company owned stores and ultimately more profitable. Franchising is the best way to expand a business.

    They are best because :-

    Significant capital required.
    Large overhead.
    Borrowed capital utilized must be repaid.
    Large time & expense requirements.
    Management problems related to span of control, supervision demands, difficulty in hiring and maintaining competent managers.
    Franchise business is on fire these days, my ideas for best franchise as looking forward to this period of time is the company, who is achieving success day by day because of their working ethics and responsibility of fulfilling there customers needs at time.

    Phixman. The best company to rely on or spending your money on these days, Phixman is the Online Mobile Phone Repair Service Company. As we all know Smartphones has become part of lives. We want Smartphones with us no matter what the situation is, and if it stops working or gets broken, the pain is as same as a heart attack. But thanks to Phixman, We can now get best repair for you mobile phone by sitting at your home. All we have to do is just open the Phixman’s website, enter our address and that’s it. They will come to our place, take our Smartphone, Repair it and then deliver back to you. That’s not it, we also get 1 month of warranty for our smartphones. This is currently very successful and a very promising new concept for business.

    723 Views · View Upvoters
    Asim Qureshi
    Asim Qureshi, CEO LaunchPad (SE Asia’s No.1 Venture Builder)
    Answered Jul 20, 2017 · Upvoted by Stanislaus Tandelilin, Co-founder of Sale Stock – leading fashion e-commerce in Indonesia and Gaurav Munjal, Co-Founder & CEO at Unacademy · Author has 620 answers and 51.7m answer views
    Dollar Shave Club has to be right up there.

    Completely useless product – I mean who on earth needs their shaving blades delivered to them instead of picking one up from the local supermarket? I mean if they had a better product than Gillette why not just sell them in supermarkets?

    But they executed this video too well. You can watch it 100 times and still laugh!

    5 years after they launched they were sold for $1b in cash!

    93.8k Views · View Upvoters
    Vernon Niu
    Vernon Niu
    Answered Aug 31, 2017
    As I know , the craziest startup ideas I have seen people execute successfully should be the business my friend is doing now . He had fund a great business project with the investment 2000$ ,and now he is doing very well ,earn almost 80000$ a month ! It is really crazy . Oh my god , can you imagine a poor man with nothing can make such much money. You must be very curious about this business . It’s the “no pen mural”! I think it’s really worthy for you to get to know it .It is a genius and the global pioneer home decoration product , with it you can decorate your room by drawing a full-wall art painting in 2 hours, Even if you don’t have any painting skills or foundations . Even the kids can do it alone. So pretty and convenient and has caused a sensation all over the world. What’s more , the investment is very little , only 2000$ you can be their distributor to start your business .My friend is one of the distributor now . I bet you will also love it very much!

    Neeraj Deo
    Neeraj Deo, ASO Analyst at Mobisoft Labs (2015-present)
    Answered Aug 8, 2017
    BetaPage is the best way to share startup ideas. You can increase huge traffic sharing your products, software and anything else.

    Visit This Example, It may be helpful: We create iOS Applications that can be used for multiple works like photography, designing and more.

    869 Views · View Upvoters
    Emmanuel Gautier
    Emmanuel Gautier, I know some stuff, still trying to figure out all the rest.
    Answered Apr 21, 2018 · Author has 352 answers and 2.2m answer views
    What about a website where people go to answer random strangers’ questions, for no compensation other than the satisfaction of doing it?

    Surely, it would be much less successful than, say, a website where people go to look for a job?

    Well, no.

    121 Views · View Upvoters
    Deepak Dogra
    Deepak Dogra, SEO Executive at Ably Soft Private Limited (2017-present)
    Answered Aug 4, 2017 · Author has 167 answers and 37.8k answer views
    For every business, it needs a startups for the initial of any business. Thus, startups plays a very crucial role in the overall development of any business.

    For the complete craziest startup ideas I have seen people execute successfully:

    Read this post Online Marketplace Solutions & Startup Business Ideas for complete article.

    Christopher Norris
    Christopher Norris, Founder at CopyGhosting Publishing Services (2011-present)
    Answered Feb 16, 2018
    The original The Million Dollar Homepage website was genius and of its time: people paid real money to advertise in an online mural. The genius was in the idea: people jumping on the bandwagon fell off again pretty quickly as this project is the poster child for First Mover Advantage

    180 Views · View Upvoters · Answer requested by Le Hung
    Alexandra Cannizzaro
    Alexandra Cannizzaro, Concept Creator & Business Developer at SAVR PTY lTD
    Answered May 7, 2018
    Hey fellow entrepreneurs! I know this is kinda irrelevant but owning a business is tough and this has helped me in so many ways it feels like its too good to be true. So I just want to pass on my wins with you guys. I’m always in need of extra cash for my business’s to outlay and I didn’t want to get into online trading at that because its so foreign to me so I decided to give this website a go as its really black and white and that’s exactly what I like. It’s super reliable, I received my money I invested in and still to this day I receive around $3-6k depending how the business’s are doing that month, but it’s never nothing there’s always money coming in at a the minimum of $3k.

    Just thought I’ll give you the guys the heads up as it literally helps me out so much and there’s no dodgy business involved! Just wanted to share some greatness with some other powerful humans



    Turner Monroe
    Turner Monroe, lives in Earth (1988-present)
    Answered Nov 28, 2017
    Beware survivorship bias! Although there are many great examples on this list of ideas that were crazy at the time, but were huge successes, there are many, many, many more startups with crazy ideas that were huge failures. They just failed and so you don’t hear about them.

    Many startup ideas are crazy in retrospect. Considering the very small amount of startups that succeed, just starting a startup requires a bit of delusion.

    458 Views · View Upvoters
    Thomas Taieb
    Thomas Taieb, former Financial Analyst – M&A Then Equity Research at BNP Paribas (2010-2014)
    Answered Jul 26, 2017 · Author has 251 answers and 499.4k answer views
    I am very surprise that nobody mentioned Uber/Lyft and Airbnb.

    Unless you grew up with parents that told you: 1/ it is okay to jump into a complete stranger’s car that you “met” on a phone app;


    2/ it is okay to sleep at a stranger’s house / open the door of your home to a complete stranger so (s)he can spend the night.

    4.4k Views · View Upvoters
    Azis White
    Azis White, Technical Support Engineer at Biznet Networks (2016-present)
    Answered Aug 11, 2017
    So far as I can tell, the craziest startup ideas for me is AirBnB. No one could ever imagine that. How could we allow some strangers sleep in our room, then we get paid for that.

    I never thought about that. So I assume no one ever think that this ideas will turn as one of the biggest successfull stories ever.

    That’s why the founders get so many rejections while selling their idea back in time. Because if I were investor, I would never put my money on this crazy ideas. But they did it. The prove everyone’s wrong.

    1.4k Views · View Upvoters
    David Smith III
    David Smith III, Businessman; adjunct professor of economics (2013-present)
    Answered Jan 6, 2018 · Author has 309 answers and 81.1k answer views
    One of the craziest … or perhaps one of the least needed – “inventions” ever needed anywhere was the Pet Rock. “Pet Rocks” became a 6 month hit in 1975. Around 1.5 million were sold at $4 apiece. For some, it was a gag gift. For others, it was a relief from dealing with a troublesome pet. See Pet Rock – Wikipedia

    Joseph E Smith
    Joseph E Smith, studied at Places
    Answered Jul 30, 2017 · Author has 52 answers and 10.9k answer views
    Gary Dahl invented the pet rock. This was, as stated by Wikipedia, “Pet Rocks are smooth stones from Mexico’s Rosarito Beach.[1] They were marketed like live pets, in custom cardboard boxes,[1] complete with straw and breathing holes.[2”. He sold 1.5 million of them for 4 dollars each.

    462 Views · View Upvoters
    Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar, Marketing
    Answered Feb 14, 2018
    Was learn business ideas but still not execute and follow ..thanks

    Thomas P Donnelly
    Thomas P Donnelly, Security/Miscellany (2006-present)
    Answered Jul 21, 2017 · Author has 195 answers and 88.9k answer views
    Bottled water sold ubiquitously at the ridiculous prices we see of $1 per bottle! It sells even where water systems deliver a safe, great tasting product.

    505 Views · View Upvoters
    Liam Jackson
    Liam Jackson
    Answered Sep 13, 2017
    Pharmaceutical policy DaaS company that wasn’t even located in the country of specialization. Scaleability is limited, and may very well lose to better positioned competitors; but is making traction despite its business model failings.

    Jagdish Patil
    Jagdish Patil
    Answered Aug 9, 2017
    Executing craziest startup idea into a successful business is the toughest thing I believe coz business is not what you can do alone, business is people and their trust on your ideas and so they invest. if people start believing your idea is crazy and this is not gonna implement successfully then it’s very difficult to build your business and if someone is already came successfully with a crazy idea, then I must say “He/She is genius”

    Benedict Tan
    Benedict Tan, Exec (2015-present)
    Answered Oct 27, 2017 · Author has 485 answers and 231.8k answer views
    I came across this crazy startup, HaloGas – the Uber for cooking gas

    218 Views · Answer requested by Raja Halazon
    Suren Konathala
    Suren Konathala, studied Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Stanford Center for Professional Development (2017)
    Answered Nov 3, 2016 · Author has 284 answers and 272.2k answer views
    GoPro – from a crazy thought of recording yourself while surfing, breaking several digital cams.
    Gillette Saftey Razor – from a crazy/scary thought of adding safety to wild blades

    190 Views · View Upvoters
    Stephen Stankiewicz
    Stephen Stankiewicz, brand development and domain name sales
    Answered Dec 7, 2017
    Walking away as a leading SEO Web Developer for a Company claiming to Be #1 worldwide from NJ to start a family gutter cleaning company, now I earn 3x+.

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